Chapel Hill Bird Count Circle — areas 11 and 12

11. Sandy Creek area. Bounded on south by 15-501 from New Hope Creek to Erwin Rd., on west by Erwin Rd. from 15-501 to Randolph Rd. Eastern boundary follows Randolph Rd. to Pickett Rd. to 15-501. Also includes the Hollow Rock section of Duke Forest north of Erwin along New Hope Creek (gates 27 and 33). Notes: A great spot to cover is the Sandy Creek Park, and old wastewater treatment plant, which is accessed off the end of Sandy Creek Drive.

12. Mud Creek area. Bounded on the east by 15-501 from the count circle to Pickett Rd. Bounded on the west by New Hope and Mud Creeks to Pickett Rd., following (but not including) Pickett and Randolph to Erwin. North of Erwin, bounded on the west by Kerley to the count circle. Includes Mud Creek swamp on Erwin Rd. at edge of count circle. Notes:

Revised 11 January 2009

Chapel Hill Bird Count Circle