2000 Chatham County Fall Bird Count

by Will Cook

The sixth Chatham County Fall Bird Count on 9/16/2000 went well, despite a near total lack of shorebirds and ducks. We ended up with 107 species, tied for second best after the fallout count of 115 last year, and 3887 birds, second best after last year's 4609. We had slightly more party-hours than last year with the same number of parties (13) and fewer counters (23).

Six species are new to the count: Snowy Egret (Ginger Travis and Lena Gallitano), Black-crowned Night-Heron (Josh Rose and Frank Rheindt), Willow/Alder (Traill's) Flycatcher (Will Cook and Toni Rexrode), Philadelphia Vireo (Doug Shadwick), Bay-breasted Warbler (Cook and Rexrode), and Swamp Sparrow (Tom Palmer). Another outstanding early bird was a Red-breasted Nuthatch (Lisa Gosselin), which we also got last year. Though many groups had trouble finding any migrants, we did well overall, with an outstanding 21 species of warblers (second only to last year's 23). Toni and I had the best luck, finding 65 species total, including 16 warblers (my best for this count).

We set a bunch of record highs (which is not surprising considering how young the count is) and three record lows: Yellow-throated Vireo (1), Chestnut-sided Warbler (1), and Palm Warbler (missed).

NOTES: NC = New to Count, H= Record High, L=Record Low

Chatham County Fall Bird Count 9/16/2000

2	Pied-billed Grebe	
99	Double-crested Cormorant	
34	Great Blue Heron	
71	Great Egret	
2	Snowy Egret	NC
7	Green Heron	H
1	Black-crowned Night-Heron	NC
24	Black Vulture	H
142	Turkey Vulture	H
99	Canada Goose	H
9	Wood Duck	
7	Mallard	
23	Osprey	H
12	Bald Eagle   6 ad., 6 imm.	
10	Sharp-shinned Hawk	H
2	Cooper's Hawk	
21	Red-shouldered Hawk	
2	Broad-winged Hawk	H
18	Red-tailed Hawk	H
5	American Kestrel	H
6	Wild Turkey	
6	Northern Bobwhite	
13	Killdeer	
2	Solitary Sandpiper	
1	Spotted Sandpiper	
3	Caspian Tern	
7	Rock Dove	
108	Mourning Dove	
12	Yellow-billed Cuckoo	H
1	Eastern Screech-Owl	
5	Great Horned Owl	
3	Barred Owl	
5	Whip-poor-will	H
78	Chimney Swift	
4	Ruby-throated Hummingbird	
17	Belted Kingfisher	H
29	Red-headed Woodpecker	H
61	Red-bellied Woodpecker	
63	Downy Woodpecker	
8	Hairy Woodpecker	
28	Northern Flicker	
21	Pileated Woodpecker	H
7	Eastern Wood-Pewee	
1	"Traill's" Flycatcher	 NC
1	Empidonax sp.	
14	Eastern Phoebe	
3	Great Crested Flycatcher	
12	White-eyed Vireo	
6	Blue-headed Vireo	H
1	Yellow-throated Vireo	L
1	Philadelphia Vireo	NC
16	Red-eyed Vireo	
175	Blue Jay	
313	American Crow	H
12	Fish Crow	
283	Carolina Chickadee	
279	Tufted Titmouse	H
1	Red-breasted Nuthatch	
10	White-breasted Nuthatch	
89	Brown-headed Nuthatch	H
111	Carolina Wren	
4	House Wren	H
57	Blue-gray Gnatcatcher	H
74	Eastern Bluebird	
3	Swainson's Thrush	H
10	Wood Thrush	
18	American Robin	
20	Gray Catbird	
21	Northern Mockingbird	
7	Brown Thrasher	
72	European Starling	
8	Cedar Waxwing	
2	Blue-winged Warbler	
5	Tennessee Warbler	
2	Nashville Warbler	
10	Northern Parula	
1	Chestnut-sided Warbler	L
15	Magnolia Warbler	
5	Black-throated Blue Warbler	
9	Black-throated Green Warbler	H
2	Blackburnian Warbler	
5	Yellow-throated Warbler	H
380	Pine Warbler	H
3	Prairie Warbler	
2	Bay-breasted Warbler	NC
1	Blackpoll Warbler	
17	Black-and-white Warbler	
13	American Redstart	
3	Ovenbird	
1	Northern Waterthrush	
25	Common Yellowthroat	
2	Hooded Warbler	
2	Canada Warbler	H
21	Summer Tanager	
24	Scarlet Tanager	H
28	Eastern Towhee	
17	Chipping Sparrow	
8	Field Sparrow	
1	Swamp Sparrow	NC
157	Northern Cardinal	
5	Rose-breasted Grosbeak	
16	Blue Grosbeak	
187	Indigo Bunting	H
7	Red-winged Blackbird	
100	Common Grackle	
2	Baltimore Oriole	
14	House Finch	
95	American Goldfinch	


Start	0530	
End	1945	
Regular Party Hours: Total	88.25	H
Party Hours: On Foot	72.75	H
Party Hours: By Car	4.5	
Party Miles: By Boat	11	H
Party Miles: Total	99	L
Party Miles: On Foot	49	H
Party Miles: By Car	41	L
Party Miles: By Boat	9	H
Owling Hours	4	
Owling Miles	5.6	

(birds observed while owling will be separated out for the official NAMC report)

Weather in brief: low 46, high 70, no precipitation, mostly sunny, wind NW 5-10 mph

Counters and Areas:

Big Woods Road - Karen & Joe Bearden
Farrington Point, WOS, NE Cr. Impdt. - Will Cook, Toni Rexrode
Tody Goodwin Road - Claudia Egelhoff, Russell Herman, Lisa Gosselin
Vista Point, Seaforth - Chris Eley
Wilderness Island by canoe - Randy Emmitt, Glaeshia O'Rourke, Hart Pillow
751 bridge area - John Frederick, Tom Palmer
Hank's Chapel-Gum Springs Rd. - Rachel Harden
Bynum Ridge, Pokeberry Creek - Terry Logue
Parker's Creek SRA - Judy Murray
Harris and Jordan Dams - Bob & Rena Perkins
Ebenezer Point, Horton's Pond, Poplar Point - Josh Rose, Frank Rheindt
Old Hope Valley Farm Road - Doug Shadwick
Morgan Creek by kayak - Ginger Travis, Lena Gallitano

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